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Zdenko Domančić method

What the Method Is

The method’s name is “Biotherapy According to the Method of Zdenko Domančić”. The method is one of the so called energy healing methods (the methods of influencing with biofield and effecting one’s biofield).

The goal of our therapies is to lessen or entirely eliminate health problems, as well as to enrich one’s personality and make it more resistible. The bioenergy always tries to solve the primary problem, or the cause, which would otherwise make it impossible for the person to recover.

The body is an energetic system in constant energetic interaction with its environment. We all are sensitive to forces and energies surrounding and changing us. Our entire physical and mental bodies constantly supply themselves with this life energy, which makes the existence possible in the first place. This energetic filling comes from the Earth and from the Universe. The flow of this invisible energy makes life on this planet possible. The channels of this universal energy are called meridians, which are present in plants, animals and in the humans. The energy channels are located near the nerves. The following shows that the information and energy are transmitted outside the nerve just like in case of the SKIN effect. This explanation makes the processes of reviving damaged informative paths during our therapy more understandable.

A human consists of energy and substance. In between there is blood, which is a substance and energy at the same time. Because of the oxygen’s paramagnetic attributes, the blood functions as a transmitter of earthly and cosmic energy in the body. Inside the powerful magnetic field, the oxygen gets its characteristics. As a transmitter of higher level energies and parameters of earthly magnetic field, the oxygen inside the cell actively collaborates at transforming energy. All forces of the universe, including the force of human consciousness, in the range from the highest consciousness to the depths of subconsciousness, are the transformations of cosmic energy. On the basis of realising these natural truths, master Zdenko Domančić developed a method with which he and his followers have helped more than a million of ill people. During the years, he has been offered to participate in many researches in the field of sciences, especially medicine, and he responded to them all. Hereby he proved the efficiency of his method, especially on the most serious illnesses of today’s population.

The therapy is performed in a group, but on each patient individually, according to his condition or disease, and only on the basis of diagnosis set by the Official Medicine (the therapeutist does not set the diagnosis). The therapy is performed for four days running. If necessary, the cycle of four days can be repeated.