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The entire training for a healer according to the Zdenko Domančić’s Method lasts for three semesters in succession. However, the duration of practising individual semester is not important. After any of the semesters, you can hear the classes of the already finished semester as often as you desire. Furthermore, you do not need to announce your presence or pay the visits anymore.

After passing the final exam with success, you will acquire a certificate about passing the exam, and a diploma. Any adult, physically and mentally healthy person can take part in this training programmes.

First semester:

The first semester is intended to all of you who want to occupy yourself with practising the bioenergy healing according to the Method of Zdenko Domančić professionally, or wish to acquire knowledge to help your dear ones. In the first semester you will be taught about all the techniques used in this method, and how to use them at certain diseases or patient’s conditions. You will learn how to perform the PSYCHOKINESIS, which is a way of moving a patient in the standing position, or bending him with energy. The following is performed without physically touching him or hypnotising him. You will learn the codes which are a part of the method’s philosophy and have to be followed and performed by the scholars. Furthermore, the training is going to be carried out during the time of treatments, because we will wish you see and observe the results of the method you will be learning about. Everything you will see during the treatments, you will be practising on your own. Moreover, in the practical workshops carried out during the morning and the afternoon lessons, you will get the same results.

Second semester:

In the second semester you are going to supplement your knowledge to reach results in shorter time, and learn how to lead a group therapy according to the Zdenko Domančić’s method, successfully.

The contents of the training programme are:

  • distance healing,
  • mental hygiene,
  • identifying the symptomatic of diseases or patient’s condition,
  • psychology of ill people,
  • earthly and technical radiation,
  • methodology of group therapies,
  • initiation.

Third semester – Final Exam:

You can enter for the Final Exam, when you believe you have enough knowledge and practical experience supported with results which are confirmed by the diagnosis of the Official Medicine. You take the exam in two parts: the first part is practical one, in front of the master, who assigns you a patient, and you need to perform the therapy on your own; the second part is a theoretical part, where your theoretical knowledge of the method will be tested. When one acquires the certificate about the success in the exam, he or she has to sign a declaration that he or she will honour and practice the codes. The latter is a basis for him or her to acquire a diploma “Healer According to the Method of Zdenko Domančić” by the Master Zdenko Domančić.