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The biotherapy lasts for four days running. You can participate in the therapy according to fixed terms at 9 a.m. or 5 p.m.. The participation is possible exclusively after previous appointment on the phone or per e-mail.



The entire training for a therapist according to the Zdenko Domančić’s Method lasts for three semesters in succession. However, the duration of practising individual semester is not important. After any of the semesters, you can hear the classes of the already finished semester as often as you desire. Furthermore, you do not need to announce your presence or pay the visits anymore.



Upcoming terms

15. 27.05.24 (Mon) 30.05.24 (Thu)
16. 03.06.24 (Mon) 06.06.24 (Thu)
17. 10.06.24 (Mon) 13.06.24 (Thu)
18. 24.06.24 (Mon) 27.06.24 (Thu)